Tips for running a smooth creative agency pitch in China


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At the request of a corporate member, WFA conducted a benchmarking with other corporates in non-competing sectors on conducting a creative agency pitch in China.

The full benchmark can be downloaded in WFA's Global knowledge base but here is an overview of the some tips shared by our marketers in Asia-Pacific:

1. As China is so diverse, make sure the agency has very strong footprints in as many Chinese regions as possible.
2. Ask for the CV of the agency team to evaluate their capability and local insight understanding.
3. Use a local consultancy to help with the pitch and if you don't want them to run the whole pitch, just use them at the start.
4. Do not neglect the briefing phase: have an internal discussion to be aligned on the key objectives to be achieved by the agency, define a clear budget and be prescriptive in terms of what you want.
5. Keep the pitch tight: 2 hours should about right.

The benchmark also highlights that Request for Proposal (RFPs) in China are not particularly different from conducting RFPs in other markets, so sticking to some basic ethical “rules of the game” is paramount. To help you with that, WFA has created guidelines on client-agency relations and best practice in the pitch process in collaboration with the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) as well as an online collection of country pitch guidelines that have been published by our national association members.

WFA has also conducted a research paper with Forbes Insights on marketing to the new Chinese Consumer and the related implications for marketers.

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