UK launches Viewable Impressions Standards


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The UK Advertiser Association (ISBA) has recently launched the UK Viewable Impressions Standards, which makes it easier for advertisers to avoid wasting ad spend on online display ads that go unseen. The standards make 'viewability' a new metric and will mean that advertisers can choose to pay for 'viewed' rather than 'served' display ads.

ISBA is part of the Viewable Impressions Cross-Industry Working Group that has developed the standards. “Advertisers shouldn't have to pay for ads that aren't seen. The viewable impressions standards will go some way to answer ISBA members' demand for a move away from 'served' ad impressions to 'viewable' ones,” said ISBA's Marketing Services Manager, David Ellison.

The UK Viewable Impressions Standards effectively mark the start of a new trading currency giving advertisers more confidence in their online display advertising, improving its quality, accountability and effectiveness.

The standards state that at least half of a display ad must be in the viewable portion of an internet browser for a minimum of one continuous second to qualify as a viewable display impression for a standard display ad.

WFA will be running a webinar on Viewable Ad Impressions on May 15th 2014. To learn more about these standards and hear what advertisers have done in this area, register for the webinar by contacting Minakshi at WFA (

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