WFA announces six new corporate members


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Six major multinationals have joined the World Federation of Advertisers, adding to its existing 63 corporate members. The new recruits are global retailers Metro and Ikea, energy drinks brand Red Bull, financial leader American Express, business conglomerate Tata and tortilla and corn flour giant Gruma. The new members not only expand the WFA's reach in emerging markets but also strengthen the organisation's ability to connect with senior marketers in the retail sector.

In addition, Harish Bhat, chief operating officer, Watches at Tata's Titan Industries has also joined the WFA Executive Committee to increase representation from emerging markets, an increasing focus for many WFA corporate members.

This membership expansion will also benefit existing members by adding to the pool of experiences that can be shared and ensuring that research projects and committees include contributions from the widest possible range of businesses.

“Marketers today operate in an increasingly global world. Wherever they are based, they have to understand the same digital platforms and the same dramatic changes in consumer media consumption, they have to develop standards around data and corporate behaviour and they have to collectively ensure that self-regulation can be the most effective solution for many of the challenges facing the industry. Joining the WFA is a sign that marketers want to learn from their peers and develop the most progressive solutions to these challenges. We're delighted that these six prestigious brands are now part of the WFA family,” said Stephan Loerke, managing director of the WFA.

WFA brings together the biggest markets and marketers worldwide through a dual membership of national advertiser associations and major multi-national brands. Together, they represent roughly 90% of global marketing communications spend, almost US$700 billion annually.

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