WFA helps drive common industry position on proposed EU privacy laws


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The Industry Coalition for Data Protection (ICDP), a group representing businesses of all types and sizes across Europe of which WFA is an active member, has released its assessment of the European Commission's proposal for a new EU Data Protection Regulation. This assessment represents the first common industry view on the proposed legislation and sets out a series of recommendations for improving the text.

In the statement, the ICDP welcomes the opportunity to modernise the European data protection framework, as it is in the interest of both consumers and businesses that this framework be balanced and effective. It acknowledges that the proposed Regulation could, if done right, bring about increased legal certainty which would mark an improvement for businesses and consumers alike.

However, the review also cautions that the potential benefits of the framework are at risk of being outweighed by the costs of failing to strike the right balance between the protection of consumers' right to privacy and the promotion of innovation and competitiveness in the Digital Single Market. The ICDP voices its concern that if the Regulation is enacted in its present form it would not enhance the protection of individuals' data, but would undermine the digital economy, limit opportunities for new market entrants and create legal uncertainty.

This review complements the on-going work by WFA to help create an EU data protection framework that is future-proof and continues to serve the interests of consumers and marketers alike. This is one of WFA's top priorities as the new legislation is likely to reshape the digital landscape in Europe and beyond, and will impact all digital marketers.

To read the full review, please click here. For more information or to learn more about the proposed legislation and its implications for marketers, please contact Malte Lohan (

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