WFA holds advertising and kids meeting in US


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On June 23rd, New York City played host to the first ever meeting of the Responsible Advertising and Children (RAC) Programme meeting in the United States. The meeting was organised in collaboration with the Association of National Advertisers and brought together over 60 advertisers and industry association members with a stake in debates relating to marketing and children.

The agenda addressed recent developments in relation to the global food marketing and children debate, the challenge of children online, the “Commercialisation of Childhood debate” and media literacy. The final session focused on how RAC can help members in their day-to-day work, highlighting briefings, key messages, additional considerations for marketers, presentations, a regulatory help desk and advocacy support.

The meeting sought to leave participants with a comprehensive understanding of the international dimension of the food marketing debate as well as the growing trends that will impact businesses in emerging markets and, potentially, in US. It also looked at the main drivers behind the emerging regulatory challenges of digital, identifying parent's and children's main concerns globally on the basis of latest research, while putting forward some potential solutions for how best to manage potential challenges.

For more information or copies of the presentations, please contact Will Gilroy.

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