WFA joins Indonesians to talk advertising standards


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WFA has joined the Indonesian Advertisers Association (APPINA) in Jakarta to discuss APPINA's strategic priorities, including how to advance industry-led advertising standards in Indonesia. Representatives from APPINA's board included corporate affairs and communications executives from P&G and Unilever Indonesia, amongst others.

The establishment of an advertising standards body has been a long-term objective of APPINA. With this in mind, they have teamed up with the local agencies and media organisations and formed an industry-wide coalition bringing together all the main players in the Indonesian advertising community. All parties have recently signed a revised advertising code of ethics. The group now need to agree on a way forward in terms of establishing a mechanism that can properly monitor, police and enforce the new code.

Indonesia recently joined the G20 group of largest world economies and, with the world's fourth largest population at over 240 million, has quickly emerged as one of the world's most important advertising markets.

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