WFA launches global Brand Purpose survey


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Earlier this year, WFA conducted a survey with its members where 88% of brand marketers said that having a sense of "purpose" would be increasingly important to building brands in the future. At the WFA Global Marketer Conference in Brussels in March, senior brand marketers agreed that purpose will become more and more important to business growth. Yet only 49% of respondents agreed that they worked for brands which had a sense of purpose.

WFA is keen to dig further and is launching a global survey on brand purpose with the help of its National Advertiser Association Network – which will then then used to create a global Brand Purpose Index. The Brand Purpose Index will seek to answer questions such as:
  • What does 'purpose' mean to different people? What are the core attributes of successful purpose-driven brand marketing?
  • How important is 'purpose' to marketers across different countries? What are the emerging trends?
  • Who is successfully integrating purpose into their brand marketing? How can we learn from these 'purpose leaders'?

So far, associations in 27 countries will be taking part. If your association is not yet involved but would like to be, please contact Minakshi (

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