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The World Federation of Advertisers is launching its InsightForum, designed to collate the expertise and experiences of the world's biggest brands for mutual benefit.

The InsightForum is due to hold its first meeting in London on September 24 and has already attracted the interest of global marketing research and consumer insight directors seeking to understand how to generate and communicate insights that are capable of driving compelling marketing solutions more effectively.

The new Forum builds on the WFA's existing specialist groups covering Global CMOs, Procurement, Integrated Marketing, Digital Marketing and Media in providing an opportunity for marketers to learn and candidly share experience and learning relating to their core priorities.

The agenda for the inaugural meeting includes expert stimuli provided by John Kearon, from Brain Juicer, on how observational and behavioural research can provide insights that guide marketing solutions, and leading consultant Helen Trevaskis, who will talk about the challenges of delivering actionable insight.

The balance of the meeting will be led by WFA members, enabling them to share their experiences and knowledge in private with their global client-side peers. Like all WFA Forums, meetings will be held under Chatham House rules to encourage an open and honest discussion.

Research conducted by WFA and BrainJuicer ahead of the meeting found that few of the 32 WFA companies who responded were happy with their state of their organisations' insight generation. Seventy-five percent would like to increase resources in this area.

The research also named Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble and Unilever as the best companies at generating insights.

The group is aimed at multi-national market research and insight specialists who work for companies that are members of the WFA. The WFA's corporate membership includes around 70 of the world's largest marketers.

“The new Insight forum will provide the first opportunity for client-side multi-market research and insight specialists to benefit through sharing with their genuine peers, improving their knowledge and providing guidance on how they interact with the rest of the marketing team,” said Stephan Loerke, WFA Managing Director.

For more information or if you would like to attend please contact Steve Lightfoot at the WFA,

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