WFA makes case for food marketers


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On 2nd March, WFA represented the interests of food marketers at the 5th Annual European Nutrition and Lifestyle Conference in Brussels. The conference brought together a variety of stakeholders with an interest in the nutrition and health debate to discuss approaches in Europe to combat the increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity. The conference was opened by the Director General for Health and Consumer Protection, Paola Testori-Coggi and hosted a number of European Commission and national government representatives.

In a panel session on “responsible food marketing and children” WFA joined other panelists, MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, May Shelton (Project Officer for Food Marketing to Children, Consumers International) and Catie Thorburn (President, Generation Europe Foundation) to discuss self-regulatory efforts to limit the marketing of certain food products to children. More about the conference can be seen here and the introductory remarks by WFA presentation can be downloaded here.

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