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Digital Matters is part of All That Matters, a pioneering industry event that covers everything from digital to music and from social media to sponsorship!

At Digital Matters in Singapore on 21-22 May, the WFA will engage with Brain Juicer and global marketing leaders in the panel “Emotion Matters: Driving Effective Advertising” to explore the key ingredients that drive marketing effectiveness through content and creativity.

WFA members will have free access to Digital Matters, and with an additional US$150, a free upgrade to Social Matters - tickets are limited. Register here or contact

All That Matters
Dubbed “TED meets SXSW” by Jason Mraz and billed as the gateway to the Asian entertainment industry, the award winning All That Matters is the only Business2Business2Fan event in the Asia Pacific that brings the entire music, social media and digital entertainment ecosystems together along with thousands of fans.

Combining Digital, Social & Music Matters, All That Matters is packed with thought-provoking conferences & workshops as well as inspiring talent mentoring, creative academies and networking sessions. At night, delegates and fans are entertained by some of the world's best talent at Music Matters Live and the YouTube FanFest.

Digital Matters will focus on the creation and broadcast of online content, where the traditional entertainment industry and content makers meet the digital creatives. The event will discuss content creation, distribution and monetisation for the new online consumer – the digital native.

Fully endorsed by both the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), and Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) All That Matters takes place on 20-25 May at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Singapore and at a number of live music venues in and around Singapore.

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