WFA sets out advertiser position on data protection to EU Commission


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On 4 November, the European Commission published a paper on setting out proposals for revising EU Data Protection rules. This document served as the basis for a public consultation during which WFA responded on behalf of advertisers.

The revision is mostly prompted by challenges brought by new technologies; digital marketing practices are therefore likely to be an important part of the upcoming debates. However, this revision covers all data-related practices (whether on- or offline) and will therefore have far-reaching implications for any marketing practices that rely on the collection and processing of personal and non personal data.

WFA's formal response focused on areas of data protection with a direct relevance to marketers, including detailed comments on:
  • How to handle the impact of new technologies
  • The concept and definition of "personal data"
  • Increasing transparency, including in the context of online behavioural advertising
  • Enhancing control over one's own data and the "right to be forgotten"
  • Ensuring free and informed consent
  • The protection of "sensitive data"

Following this consultation, the Commission will present proposals for a new general data protection legal framework in late 2011. These proposals will then be discussed before adoption by the European Parliament and the Council.

WFA's response to the consultation can be found here. For more information please contact

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