WFA talks value of online advertising in European Parliament


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On 10 April, WFA attended the IP Forum on “New trends on online advertising”, an initiative of French conservative member of the European Parliament Marielle Gallo.

The debate focused on several topics relating to the online protection of trademarks and consumer protection. Panellists included European Commission official Kerstin Jorna, who is leading the revision of the trademark framework, Google, UEAPME, and WFA.

WFA explained why it is critical to get the forthcoming EU legal framework on data protection right in order to make the most of innovation in the digital world. It will shape the way the internet works and how it contributes to economic growth. WFA also insisted on the value of advertising as highlighted by a McKinsey report, which shows that advertising is a key driver of growth in Europe, as well as by a study carried out by McKinsey and IAB which quantified the value consumers gain from advertising.

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