WFA webinar on new EU cookies rule


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As of May 26th, new rules on cookies were due to be implemented all across the EU. In practice however, the lack of clarity about these rules and conflicting implementation at national level has created a cloud of uncertainty for marketers.

The new rules require EU Member States to ensure that data controllers seek online users' consent when placing certain kinds of cookies on their computers and similar devices. Users must also be given specific information on the purposes of the intended data collection in conjunction with giving their consent. EU regulators regard online behavioural advertising (OBA) as one of the types of data collection operations falling within the scope of the new rules.

Exclusive WFA webinar for marketers
On 12 July, WFA hosted a webinar highlighting all the things marketers need to know about the new e-Privacy Directive: What are the key changes involved? What can marketers already do to ensure compliance? WFA's e-privacy experts will also offer advice to help manage the e-Privacy compliance process within companies.

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