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Pre-rolls: discovering best practice

Brands that simply re-use their TV ads online are missing out on a major communications opportunity. Mathias Giloth reports.
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Topics for National Associations Council meeting announced

WFA has announced the themes for the upcoming Council meeting in New York on Friday 16th March.
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US unveils privacy “Bill of Rights”, endorses industry “Do Not Track” framework

On Thursday 23 February, the White House unveiled an administration White Paper outlining a blueprint for privacy regulation, including a "Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights"%u2014a set of principles intended to guide how businesses handle consumers' personal information%u2014and steps to incorporate those principles into federal regulations.
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Gruma joins the World Federation of Advertisers

Gruma, one of Mexico's largest food manufacturers and worldwide leader in corn flour and tortilla production has today announced that it is joining the World Federation of Advertisers.
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WFA to host Project Reconnect panel during Global Marketer Week 2012

Project Reconnect was launched April 2010 with a view to bringing marketers and consumers closer together.
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Four tips for sourcing promotional merchandising

WFA research has identified four tips that help advertisers procure promotional merchandising material more effectively and efficiently.
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Uruguayans appoint new President

Diego Chapuis has been appointed the new President of the Uruguay Advertisers Association (CAU) for the next two years.
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Norwegians appoint new CEO

Jan Morten Drange has been announced the new CEO of the Norwegian Advertisers Association (ANFO).
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