Gruma joins the World Federation of Advertisers

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February 1: Gruma, one of Mexico's largest food manufacturers and worldwide leader in corn flour and tortilla production has today announced that it is joining the World Federation of Advertisers. Gruma's announcement is significant in that it represents the first company of Latin American origin to join the Federation's membership.

Although the World Federation of Advertisers has national association members in 60 markets, the vast majority of its corporate members hail from North America and Europe. Only two of WFA's existing 63 corporate members come from Asia-Pacific, both from China. Sinochem, China's largest trading company and first multi-national conglomerate joined the WFA in 2008, while Fosun Group, the largest privately-owned conglomerate in mainland China, joined in 2010.

Stephan Loerke, WFA Managing Director, said “This is a historic moment for WFA. We have witnessed the emergence of major global brands in Asia-Pacific and Latin America, reflecting the increasing importance of these regions to the global economy. We are delighted to welcome Gruma into our membership so that they too can leverage our network of the world's biggest marketers in order to be more effective and efficient operators.”

Sylvia Hernandez Benitez, Chief Marketing Officer at Gruma, said “Gruma is a Mexican company but with an increasingly global footprint. As our international expansion continues, we are keen to learn from best in class global marketers so as to cut down on the trial and error process. We're proud to be the first Latin American company to join the club of the world's top marketers”

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Source: WFA