WFA Asia-Pacific Media & Marketing Network meets for first time

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Singapore, 5th February 2010: The WFA's Asia-Pacific Media and Marketing Network met for the first time yesterday, with 20 WFA member companies and national associations from across the region coming together in Singapore to share experiences and marketing insights. The meeting was hosted by the group's Chairman, Rahul Welde VP-Media, Asia, Africa, Middle East & Turkey, Unilever.

The new peer-to-peer network for regional client-side marketers focused on the group's top priorities as identified by participants in advance, including media agency remuneration and mobile marketing. Round-table sessions, enabling experience exchange, were led by Gavin Mehrotra, The Coca-Cola Company and Sandy Argawal, Nokia.

The APAC Media & Marketing Network was launched in 2009 with the following objectives:

1. To enable more effective and efficient marketing communications in Asia-Pacific.
2. To share experiences and insights in order to advance the practice of marketing communications.
3. To drive common understanding and actions related to advertising and media industry issues.

The APAC network is open to all members of the WFA in the region and will seek to act as a regional voice for marketers to tackle critical media and marketing related issues in order to improve industry practice. For more information about the network or about how you can become a member, please contact Robert Dreblow at

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