WFA releases media auditing guidelines

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Brussels, 27 May 2010: The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) today released guidelines to help marketers choose and use media auditors. These guidelines aim to help marketers worldwide increase the value they derive from media auditing.

Media auditors are now used by almost all WFA's multinational members in Europe, by 57% in Asia-Pacific and by 50% in Latin America*. With increasing reliance on auditing the need has arisen for a great understanding of how to work with auditors. These guidelines have been updated from the original version published in 2003. They have been developed with the support of the European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA).

Levels of advertiser satisfaction with auditors vary considerably by region. On average, 95% of WFA members in Europe feel that they get value for money from their media auditors (up from 86% in 2008). This contrasts with 64% in Asia-Pacific and only 56% in Latin America.

Large multinational advertisers face similar auditing challenges across the globe. For example;

- in Europe only 21% of WFA members surveyed said they were 'satisfied with their media auditor's experience in non-traditional media'.
- 55% in Latin America and 50% Asia-Pacific agreed that 'pools are too small for larger advertisers'.

Unilever's VP Media, Asia AMET & Chairman of the WFA's APAC Media & Marketing Network Rahul Welde, said: "It's clear that media auditing is an increasingly useful asset for marketers. However standards in some regions, and certain media, still have a great deal of room for improvement. These guidelines enable marketers to ask the right questions of their partners, with a view to improving industry standards across the world."

WFA's Managing Director, Stephan Loerke said: "The rise of media auditing has been accelerated by economic uncertainty and looks set to continue to grow around the world. If used to good effect, media auditing can be a very useful tool to improve transparency, efficiency and effectiveness in media buying. This guide goes some way to providing marketers with an instruction manual."

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