WFA welcomes new industry standards for online behavioural advertising in Europe

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The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) welcomes today's launch of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA). The EDAA will administer a new industry-wide self-regulatory programme to provide internet users with transparency and control over online behavioural advertising (OBA).

Under the programme, online ads across Europe will display a distinctive icon that will connect internet users to where they will be able to get information about OBA and to restrict its use should they so wish. The programme also prohibits the specific targeting of children under 13 with OBA.

EDAA is an example of concerted industry action to respond to evolving consumer expectations about responsible business practices in the digital age. The programme will be backed up by a strong regime of monitoring and enforcement, including oversight by the tried and tested advertising self-regulation organisations across European countries, to ensure that the new scheme is publicly accountable and that internet users can complain where they feel standards fall short.

WFA has played a leading role in working with industry partners, including IAB Europe and the European Advertising Standards Alliance, to develop the EDAA programme. Malte Lohan, WFA Director of Public Affairs, will serve as Vice Chair of the EDAA.

“The EDAA programme is a major milestone in our efforts to ensure self-regulation responds to the challenges of the digital age. It demonstrates that self regulation can deliver quick, innovative and effective solutions as technology evolves,” he said.

The EDAA is planning a pan-European education campaign for early 2013 aimed at increasing awareness of the icon and to explain how this will help consumers manage their privacy preferences.

More details about the EDAA and the self-regulatory programme can be found at

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Source: WFA