WFA Webinar: Controlling the Chaos

Controlling the Chaos: Content Production Strategy Framework

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The rapidly changing content production landscape is forcing brands to create more content, faster, and with less budget. Making sense of what to spend and with whom to work can be confusing.

In this webinar, and based on key results from a recent WFA/APR study, we’ll discuss options for choosing the right partners, setting up appropriate processes and best practices for producing more of the work you need.

Presented by: Danny Whybrow, SVP/Managing Director (APR), Jared Yeater, Managing Director/Strategy & Innovation (APR), Kate Briganti, Senior Account Director (APR) and Laura Forcetti, Global Marketing Sourcing Manager (WFA).

Register for the first session at 11am (CET) here.

Register for the second session at 4pm (CET) here. 

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