WFA Webinar: Better Ads Standards

Understanding the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) "Better Ads Standards" and what they mean for marketers

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As digital ad spend continues reaching new heights, marketers continue to focus on the most effective ways to connect with their customers through innovative online advertisements. At the same time however, consumers have grown weary of seeing annoying and intrusive ads and are reacting through the use of ad blockers. It is therefore vital to ensure a better online advertising experience.

The Coalition for Better Ads (CBA), of which WFA is a founding member, is dedicated to improving the online advertising experience through its Better Ads Standards that identify the most disruptive online advertising experiences. This year, the CBA’s Standards for desktop and mobile web will expand to all countries and regions worldwide. Likewise, Google will begin applying the standards worldwide through its Chrome web browser, blocking ads identified by the CBA as the most intrusive.

This webinar aims to inform marketers about the current status of the Better Ads Standards, why they are important, what they need to know going forward as the standards go global, and future developments.

With the participation of:
– Stephan Loerke, CEO, WFA
– Didier Beauclair, Strategy & Media Director, UDM
– Max Schmidt, Digital Policy Manager, WFA

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