WFA Webinar: Digital Asset Management

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The Marketing Technology landscape continues to grow at lightning speed and shows no sign of slowing. Fuelled by an expectation economy, “always on” campaigns and an increasingly complex network of marketing channels, there are now close to 7000 technology vendors pushing disruptive innovation. Very few companies really understand the modern marketing landscape and finding a good explanation of how it all fits together is a real challenge. Led and facilitated by Claire Randall Consulting, this webinar will look at the technologies that enable effective marketing operations, with a focus on digital asset and content management and will include:

  • A breakdown of the marketing technology landscape
  • Trigger points and trends that have resulted in the resurrection of Digital Asset and Content Management technologies
  • Benefits of DAM and business case / ROI models
  • 10 steps to selecting, implementing and adopting DAM technology resulting in effective Global Content Management

Facilitator: Anil Noorani – MarTech Consultant –  Claire Randall Consulting

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