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Ad industry drives growth in Spain

AEA Spain publishes findings of latest marketing study

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The Spanish Association of Advertisers (AEA) presented the findings of their third annual AEA Advertising Observatory study on trends in the advertising and media sectors in Spain.

The study was carried out by a group of academics from 16 universities who delved into various sectoral data to identify current trends and the impact of advertising on Spain’s economy and society.

AEA found that Spain’s advertising sector has been leading significant growth the past year in terms of GDP, employment and talent.

Some of the key findings:

  • Advertising’s contribution to Spain’s GDP reached 1.31%, slightly higher than last year;
  • The number of companies in advertising grew by 8.3% compared to 2015, 37,920 businesses in total;
  • Employment rates in advertising and market research grew by 15.9%, returning to levels before the 2009 economic crisis. The advertising sector also has the highest level of employment since 2009;
  • The number of students pursuing a degree in advertising and public relations increased by 7.7%.

For more information, please contact AEA.

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