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WFA unveils event lineup and speakers for Global Marketer Conference

Top marketers from Airbnb, Diageo, Mastercard, Unilever and Vodafone to speak at annual showcase for global marketers in Lisbon on 28 March

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Back in Europe for the first time since 2013, the Global Marketer Conference on 28 March will bring together some of world’s top marketers and thought leaders for what promises to be the most senior client-led event of its kind in the world.

In his last last on-stage presentation in his current role as CMO of Unilever, Keith Weed will share his insights from 35 years championing one of the world’s most progressive marketing agendas, with a view on what the industry needs for a sustainable future.

Diageo’s global marketing leader and innovation chief, Syl Saller will take the stage for a frank conversation with WFA President and CMO of RBS, David Wheldon: from bold leadership and partnerships to driving diversity in our industry. What does our community need to do to address the most prominent issues raised during the week? Undoubtedly the buck stops with client-side marketers, but how are budget holders performing in terms of taking a leadership role and what does the future hold?

Building on Tim Burners-Lee’s warning on the future of the web that ‘the system is failing. The way ad revenue works with clickbait is not fulfilling the goal of helping humanity promote truth and democracy’, two teams of experts will argue this point on stage. Dubbed ‘Advertising is what’s wrong with the web’, the debate will feature Sara Martins de Oliveira, Global Brand & Media Director, Vodafone Group PLC, and researcher Mikko Kotila, an expert in advertising ecosytem inefficiencies, among others.

Terrence (Terry) Kawaja, the CEO of Luma Partners, will separate fact from fiction, hype from reality to lay out the top trends marketers need to be aware of to drive growth in their businesses. From policy to partners and media strategies to technology, Terry will deliver his unique perspective without filters.

Other speakers include Geoff Seeley, Global Marketing Director, Airbnb, Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Mastercard, recently voted WFA Global Marketer of the Year, and Sir Martin Sorrell, Executive Chairman, S4 Capital, among others.

The Global Marketer Conference on 28 March is the showpiece of WFA Global Marketer Week 2019, taking place in Lisbon from 26-29 March. This year, the conference is co-hosted by WFA with the Portuguese Association of Advertisers (APAN).

WFA members will derive additional value from the events taking place on 27 March for media, marketing procurement, integrated marketing communications and policy specialists. A Project Reconnect (now Better Marketing) session will also take place on 27 March.

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