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Belgian association publishes Digital Media Charter

Belgian advertisers subscribe to the principles of WFA’s Global Media Charter

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In line with the Global Media Charter launched in June, UBA have released the “Belgian Digital Media Charter” to define and frame specific criteria with regards to WFA’s eight ‘Principles of Partnership’ for the Belgian market.

The new Charter aims to help brands evaluate the different aspects of their digital media strategy and to help restore confidence and trust among the different players in the digital media supply chain.

The next steps include bringing together Belgian advertisers and other stakeholders to discuss on how to address challenges and monitor the progress of the Digital Media Charter’s implementation. Auditing the execution of the criteria specified in the Charter will require the use of third-party certification and tools.

UBA have also started discussions with WE MEDIA, the newly formed organisation representing Belgian media owners and publishers, to evaluate which areas of the Charter they can jointly take further concrete actions on.

The full Belgian Digital Media Charter can be accessed here. For more information, please contact Chris Van Roey.

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