Digital Media Benchmark

Digital Media Benchmark

Digital Media Benchmark

About this tool

The Digital Media Benchmark is an anonymised benchmark that breaks down vendor reported levels of viewability, ad fraud and brand safety by country, region and channel.

The Benchmark will be updated every quarter to serve as a first of its kind, unified, comprehensive and dynamic resource to the whole industry.

Data is submitted quarterly by industry partners Adloox, DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, Meetrics and MOAT (from Q4 2019).

A key condition for participation in this initiative is that vendors must have an MRC accreditation for the areas within which we provide data.

Data collection and processing and interface hosting is managed by WFA’s strategic partner Digital Decisions.

The full dataset, including viewability, ad fraud and brand-safe levels, is available to logged-in WFA members only.

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Disclaimer & Considerations

The verification technology deployed by vendors participating in WFA’s DMB meets MRC’s high standards. But the sophistication of criminals executing ad fraud is ever-increasing and all vendors remain susceptible to emerging ad fraud techniques.

Additionally, although the DMB dataset is considerable, by definition, it only includes impressions from advertisers that have deployed ad verification technology. As a consequence this is a view of the quality of the most vigilant advertisers. Not the whole market.

Finally, due to the arrangements verification vendors have in place with Large Digital Enterprises (including Facebook or Google owned environments), data from these platforms is not included in the DMB.

In summary, this data SHOULD NOT necessarily be considered the whole picture. The DMB provides a valuable set of baseline benchmarks, but WFA asks advertisers to consider the limitations of the data and to use with caution.

Data Evolution

The DMB will evolve over time with an increase in the number of markets and channels where minimum data thresholds have been met. In addition, as vendors come in (and out) of MRC accreditation status, WFA will seek to add (or remove) vendors to the DMB as appropriate.