Positive Marketing Behaviours

Managing Risk and Opportunity in a Precarious and Polarised World

WFA Framework for Positive Marketing Behaviours

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WFA Framework for Positive Marketing Behaviours

Designed to help companies build more future-facing, resilient and impactful brands drawing on decades of experience invested by WFA and its leading members in identifying and implementing best practice across ten key areas.

This framework is an invaluable tool to help brands benchmark themselves against best industry practices to manage risk and identify opportunities in the spirit of building stronger, more resilient brands.

Aude Gandon, Global CMO (Nestlé)

Bridging the gap between marketing and policy

Marketers and policy leaders at some of the world’s largest companies are looking for closer collaboration as they seek to tackle complex issues in an increasingly challenging marketing environment, according to new WFA research due to be released at WFA’s Global Marketer Week in Toronto.

In May 2024, WFA research Bridging the Gap found that there’s an appetite from both marketing and policy functions for greater collaboration in key areas such as environmental sustainability, reputation and risk management, brand purpose and responsible marketing.

In response to the demand for more effective collaboration between these two business functions, the WFA lauched its model Framework for Positive Marketing Behaviours at Global Marketer Week in Toronto

Designed to assist help marketing teams identify opportunities and manage risk on a number of critical issues and with the ambition to help both functions deliver more systematic collaboration and ensure greater alignment.

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