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Roles are changing in advertising in Turkey

Advertising deemed as strong resource for changing perceptions

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The Association of Turkish Advertisers (RVD) recently organised a major industry event “Roles are Changing in Advertising” in Istanbul. The event is part of the activities of the RVD Committee on Gender Equality in Advertising, an initiative launched in 2017 to tackle gender stereotypes in advertising in Turkey.

The Turkish translation of the WFA Guide to Progressive Gender Portrayals in Advertising was launched at event. RVD Chairman Ahmet Pura gave the opening speech, stating that advertising is a “strong resource for changing perceptions and transforming gender inequality” which requires the involvement of all industry stakeholders.

A panel of senior advertisers, agencies, market researchers and academics from Unilever, WPP, TBWA, Ipsos and Bahçeşehir University discussed gender equality in the advertising business and emphasized that is time for the industry to take decisive and courageous steps towards change.

WFA CEO Stephan Loerke also spoke at the RVD event and stressed that combatting gender stereotypes in advertising is the first step to better marketing, from talent recruitment to the marketing strategy.

For more information, please contact RVD.

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