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WFA welcomes new global marketing code

WFA welcomes the launch of the new edition of the ICC Marketing Code, which raises consumer protection standards around the world and expands rules in the digital realm.

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The International Chamber of Commerce has released today the tenth revision of its flagship Advertising and Marketing Communications Code —a globally-applicable self-regulatory framework developed by experts from all industry sectors worldwide.

Underpinning self-regulatory frameworks in 42 countries, the ICC Marketing Code seeks to protect consumers by clearly setting out the “dos and don’ts” for responsible marketing to ensure legal, honest, decent and truthful communications and practices. This new revision ensures that the ICC Marketing Code takes into account emerging digital marketing and advertising practices, such as artificial intelligence-enabled marketing, market influencers, vloggers and data analytics.

The tenth revision of the ICC Marketing Code includes:

  • Enhanced guidance on distinguishing marketing communications content from true editorial and user generated content
  • Expanded coverage of the rules to include emerging digital mediums and participants
  • Consolidated rules on direct marketing and digital marketing communications
  • Updated terminology and guidance on the applicability of mobile phones and cross-devices to location-based advertising and interest-based advertising
  • Clarified rules on advertising to children and teens

As a member of ICC marketing commission and relevant code-drafting task forces, WFA played an active role in the revision process to ensure that the codes’ new elements reflect current best practice as championed by leading marketers. The launch of the revised code is seen as a critical initiative at a time when marketers’ license to operate is increasingly under pressure globally.

Commenting on the launch, WFA CEO Stephan Loerke said: “The revised code demonstrates the industry’s commitment to keep up with evolving societal expectations and the challenges of an ever-changing marketing environment. For brand owners, the global standards enshrined in the Code are a cornerstone of ongoing work to extend the coverage of effective self-regulatory systems.”

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