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WFA is the only global organisation representing the common interests of marketers. It brings together the biggest markets and marketers worldwide, representing roughly 90% of global marketing communications spend, almost US$ 900 billion annually. WFA champions responsible and effective marketing communications.

David Wheldon

Despite the increasing focus on technology, marketing remains fundamentally a people business

David Wheldon CMO Forum Global Chair and CMO of RBS

There is no algorithm for creativity, there is no rule book on how to do it better than anyone else. But there are lots of great people who know how to make connections with people – that is what this sector has always been about and will always be about.

Stephan Loerke

We must champion consumer-centric connections which offer real value

Stephan Loerke WFA CEO

As a lack of transparency threatens to divide the marketing ecosystem, we must be a source of collaboration and unity. As policy-makers seek to restrict our activity, we must showcase what is great about our industry. As people call marketing into question and block us out of their lives, we must champion customer-centric connections which offer real value.


Executive commitee

  • David Wheldon
    David Wheldon WFA President & CMO of RBS
  • Matthias Berninger
    Matthias Berninger WFA Deputy President & Vice President Public Affairs, Mars
  • Jean-Luc Chetrit
    Jean-Luc Chetrit Acting WFA Treasurer & CEO, UDA (France)
  • Stephan Loerke
    Stephan Loerke WFA CEO
Regional vice-presidents
  • Lubomira Rochet (L’Oréal)
    Lubomira Rochet (L’Oréal) Regional VP Western Europe
  • Sergey Glushkov (RAA, Russia)
    Sergey Glushkov (RAA, Russia) Regional VP C&E Europe
  • Bob Liodice (ANA, USA)
    Bob Liodice (ANA, USA) Regional VP North America
  • Sameer Desai (Mundipharma)
    Sameer Desai (Mundipharma) Regional VP Asia-Pacific
  • Philip Perez (CAA, Argentina)
    Philip Perez (CAA, Argentina) Regional VP Latin America
  • Folake Ani-Mumuney (ADVAN, Nigeria)
    Folake Ani-Mumuney (ADVAN, Nigeria) Regional VP Africa
Corporate Member Representatives
  • Margaret Au-Yong
    Margaret Au-Yong Director of Media, Tune Group/AirAsia
  • Alison Keith
    Alison Keith Vice President Global Media, Coty
  • Dan Burdett
    Dan Burdett Director of Marketing, Innovation EMEA, eBay
  • Belinda Smith
    Belinda Smith Global Director, Media Activation, Electronic Arts
  • Alessandro Cagli
    Alessandro Cagli Public Affairs Director, Ferrero
  • Mary Catherine Toker
    Mary Catherine Toker Vice President Government Relations, General Mills
  • Caroline Stephens
    Caroline Stephens Senior Director, Total Brand Experience EMEA, Johnson & Johnson
  • Raja Rajamannar
    Raja Rajamannar Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and President Healthcare, Mastercard
  • David Oliver
    David Oliver Global Director, Public & Government Affairs, Mondelez
  • Julie Chan
    Julie Chan Global Consumer Engagement Lead, Pfizer
  • Elaine Chum
    Elaine Chum Head of Digital, Asia Pacific, Philips
  • Joris Pollet
    Joris Pollet Director, Government Relations & Public Policy, Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia, P&G
  • Andrea Bernhardt
    Andrea Bernhardt Global Media Director, RB
  • Eleonore Ogrinz
    Eleonore Ogrinz Head of International Advertising, Red Bull
  • Manuela Buxo
    Manuela Buxo Senior Vice President Global Strategic Marketing, Sanofi
  • Americo Campos Silva
    Americo Campos Silva Global Head of Digital and Social Media, Shell
  • Harish Bhat
    Harish Bhat Brand Custodian, Tata
  • Wouter Vermeulen
    Wouter Vermeulen Senior Director, EMEA Public Policy Center, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Luis Di Como
    Luis Di Como EVP Global Media, Unilever
National Association Representatives
  • Sandra Martinelli
    Sandra Martinelli Executive President, ABA (Brazil)
  • Ron Lund
    Ron Lund President & CEO, ACA (Canada)
  • Manuela Botelho
    Manuela Botelho Executie Director, APAN (Portugal)
  • Roger Harlacher
    Roger Harlacher President, ASA (Switzerland)
  • Yang Hanping
    Yang Hanping President, CANA (China)
  • Mounir Jazouli
    Mounir Jazouli President, GAM (Morocco)
  • Bharat Patel
    Bharat Patel Executive Committee Member, ISA (India)
  • Phil Smith
    Phil Smith Director General, ISBA (UK)
  • Riikka-Maria Lemminki
    Riikka-Maria Lemminki Managing Director, ML (Finland)
  • Joachim Schütz
    Joachim Schütz Managing Director, OWM (Germany)
  • Ahmet Pura
    Ahmet Pura President & Chairman of the Board, RVD (Turkey)
  • Chris Van Roey
    Chris Van Roey CEO, UBA (Belgium)