Strategic partners

/ Introduction

WFA’s strategic partners help us improve on the value we deliver to our members against eight priority areas.

WFA’s strategic partnerships are non-exclusive. WFA does not make judgments on the quality or the performance of these companies. As our partners, they simply act as a first port of call for us to deliver value to our members in their respective areas of expertise. Any work with our partners operates within the boundaries of WFA’s competition compliance policy.



ebiquity provides customised data analytics, online tools and consultancy services to improve performance throughout the consumer path to purchase.

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Decideware provides advertisers with Agency Management Solutions™, Advisory, Software, Services and BI.

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The Observatory International is the leading global management consultancy dedicated to helping companies maximise their marketing and communications resources.

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Advertising Production Resources (APR) is an international advertising production consultancy. They collaborate with advertisers to establish best practices & find efficiencies in the ad production supply chain.

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Scriberia helps organisations to think, work and communicate in the age of visual communication. Through animation, illustration, live scribing, bespoke workshops and graphic facilitation, their award-winning team offer a fast, flexible, creative service.

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