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Better Marketing: Putting People First

WFA’s purpose is Better Marketing. It’s born from the belief that brands don’t always get it right, they can sometimes be tone deaf and that the industry needs to be a better listener if brands are to increasingly align with what people want and expect. We’ve pulled together 10 years of learnings in our guide, entitled ‘Putting People First’, which WFA members can download here or by clicking on the ‘Download’ button on this page.

2019 Report

Putting People First

“For 10 years, Project Reconnect has been challenging the status quo of the marketing industry – it’s a rallying cry to put people first and, critically, the only way we will be able to make marketing noble again.” (Marc Mathieu, CMO, Samsung Electronics America)

Putting People First

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10 years of Project Reconnect: What we've learned
Belinda J. Smith, EA: Marketing can be a force for positive gender and ethnicity portrayals
Jon Wilkins, Karmarama: Marketing can deliver meaningful human experiences
Adrian Lovett, World Wide Web Foundation: Marketing can save the Internet
Paul Kemp-Robertson, Contagious: Marketing can deliver positive social and political change

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Project Reconnect research

2018: WFA Project Reconnect masterdeck
2015: WFA/Karmarama/We Are Social research on Marketing's 7 Deadly Sins
2014: WFA/We Are Social on the new 4Ps of marketing in the connected age
2014: WFA/Edelman research into putting 'purpose' into marketing
2011: WFA Project Reconnect research

Better Marketing with The Economist

Platform Challenges
Cannes 2018 highlights
The death of advertising?
The future of the agency model
The CMO agenda
Gender and diversity
Data opportunities

Project Reconnect event highlights

"We need to blur the lines between clients and agencies"
"Most brands don't put the customer first"
Wheldon: "They used to call me their 'insultant' "
Robert Madelin on 'brands with purpose'
Some potential solutions to the backlash against marketing
"If you create engaged colleagues, you create engaged customers"
What are people's main criticisms about marketing?
"The Silicon Valley disruptors: your new competitor set"
"Fail once, but never fail twice"
Wilkins: "Very few brands can engage in cultural issues"
"Solving pain points in the customer journey"
"Brands that deliver creativity outperform their categories 12 times"
The dangers of digital transformation
The Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing
"People can turn your AI robot into a Hitler sex toy"
#brandfail @WFAReconnect (highlights)

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