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Brand safety, ePrivacy, AVMSD… WFA members’ policy priorities

Key take-outs from the last Policy Action Group meeting

/ Introduction

The WFA Policy Action Group (PAG) brings together senior representatives from global brands and national advertiser associations working on public policy issues related to marketing.

Here are a few take-outs from the last PAG meeting on November 20 in Brussels that marketers need to know:

Brand safety: next policy frontier for advertisers?

Brand safety is increasingly becoming a top priority for advertisers. At the meeting, WFA members addressed this issue from the policy perspective. With ads inadvertently appearing next to fake news, hate speech and extremist content online, brands are becoming an obvious target for governments with regards to advertising’s impact on society and paving the way for more stringent regulations and marketing restrictions. Industry self-regulation and commitments like the WFA Manifesto for Online Data Transparency could be means for brands to start having conversations with policymakers on this issue.

What’s next for ePrivacy?

This upcoming piece of European legislation will add extra rules on top of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that focuses specifically on getting people’s consent for online tracking to collect data that is used for online advertising. Once finalised and adopted, ePrivacy could have a big impact on the industry.

Transposing AVMSD and a new deal for consumers

The Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) was adopted in the European Council on November 6 and EU Member States now have 21 months to transpose it into national law and decide whether certain marketing rules at national level should be changed. Also, the New Deal for Consumers, the European Commission’s efforts to modernise the EU’s legislative framework around marketing and consumer protection, can potentially have an impact on food marketing and advertising to children.

You can watch highlights from the meeting here:

The upcoming WFA policy meetings in 2019 in Brussels will be on 26 February, 7 May, 17 September and 26 November.

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