WFA meeting agendas are written by our members for our members

WFA is a not-for-profit organisation. We represent marketers; not agencies, media owners or vendors. There are no vested interests.

Our peer-to-peer network consists of different fora, each brining together:

  • Agency Management experts;
  • Chief Marketing Officers;
  • In-House specialists;
  • Insight specialists;
  • Marketing Capability experts;
  • Media specialists;
  • Sourcing specialists; and
  • Policy and Regulatory Affairs professionals.


Make smarter decisions guided by peers with no vested interests. WFA offers 48-hour benchmarking and one-to-one matchmaking services to help marketers get you the best available information from our network as fast as possible.

Peer-to-peer groups bring together on average 20-30 of the most sophisticated client-side multi-national marketers over 50 times a year.

Get unique insight from WFA research on anything from media cost forecasts to agency remuneration. Our samples tend to be based on responses from your peers representing at least $30bn in ad spend.

Help set and raise global industry standards on media & marketing issues, whether it be best practice for audience research or the agency pitch process, providing marketers with guidance in relation to programmatic media buying.


WFA has a team of experts working on the key marketing policy issues impacting brand owners, from data collection and ad blocking to sector specific challenges on food, alcohol, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Policy leads are skilled in translating what the policy challenges mean for your business and in coordinating engagement to find sustainable solutions which work for the brand owners and policymakers.

Protecting your brand is as important as building it. WFA works with international bodies, such as WEF, WHO, APEC, OECD and UNICEF to help define best practice standards for marketing so as to help brands deliver on societies’ expectations.