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Evolving marketing procurement beyond costs

/ Introduction

How do you move beyond a pure focus on savings and demonstrate the value marketing procurement creates for the business?

Our Sourcing Forum in Lisbon on 27 March will aim to find answers to this question, which is also the group’s main priority for 2019. The event will build on the work conducted under Project Spring, WFA’s global initiative focusing on evolving the perception of marketing procurement performance from a primary focus on cost savings towards areas including delivering value and enabling ROI.

This Chatham House session will feature some of the world’s leading brands who will share their thoughts, initiatives and experience in this area, as well as perspectives on what the discipline should focus on moving forward.

The group will then seek to collectively identify solutions to demonstrating real marketing procurement value creation through interactive workshops and break-out sessions. These will explore areas such as global marketing procurement metrics and global change management communication.

The Sourcing Forum is WFA’s 850-strong network of senior global and regional marketing procurement experts. The next meeting will take place in the context of WFA Global Marketer Week 2019.

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