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Only 10% of voiceovers in Turkey are female, research shows

RVD’s gender representation survey finds ad industry still has a long way to go

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Only 35% of main characters in Turkish TV commercials are played by women while only 10% of voiceovers are female, a study conducted by the Association of Turkish Advertisers (RVD) and Bahçeşehir University shows. The Annual Gender Equality Report Card in Turkey is based on the analysis of gender roles depicted in 489 Effie award-winning television commercials in Turkey from 2007 to 2018.

The survey is part of the activities of the RVD Platform on Gender Equality in Advertising, an initiative launched in 2017 to tackle gender stereotypes in advertising in Turkey, and its results released at the 30th Crystal Apple Festival of Creativity in Istanbul in October.

The study also found that women are largely associated with household products, fashion and beauty, and personal care while men are associated with financial services, electronics and automotive.

At the industry event, RVD also launched a Gender Equality special award aiming to recognise great campaigns that exhibit progressive gender portrayals. Unilever and Manajans J. Walter Thompson Turkey won the award for their campaign “This Girl’s Story” (Bu Kızın Öyküsü).

For more information and a copy of the findings, please contact RVD.

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