Global Marketer of 2017

WFA is proud to announce the first-ever winner of the Global Marketer of the Year award: Keith Weed, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Unilever


WFA's Global Marketer of the Year
Chief Marketing & communication officer

Keith Weed, Unilever

“It’s an honour to be named as the first WFA Global Marketer of the Year.  This is a wonderfully exciting time to be in marketing, and this award reflects the hard work and dedication of the whole team at Unilever.”

Keith Weed, Unilever


The World Federation of Advertisers has launched the WFA Global Marketer of the Year Award to celebrate the role that regional and global marketers play in setting the course of our industry and inspiring others to be a force for good.

The aim is to showcase Global and Regional marketers who are truly making a difference. Those who are using the power of marketing to deliver better business results; those who are using their influence to change the way our industry operates for the better; and those who are helping to create a climate where smart, sensitive marketing can be accepted and welcomed by consumers.

The inaugural award went to Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Unilever, who received the biggest number of votes from a shortlist of six leading marketers.

“A big congratulations to Keith on behalf of the global marketing industry. At a time when our industry is facing serious challenges, Keith has shown immense leadership. He is the purveyor of a portfolio of some of the world’s most purposeful brands, the architect of the Unstereotype Alliance and has been a pioneer in pushing for a better online advertising ecosystem,” said David Wheldon, WFA President & CMO RBS


The Short List

Global Marketer of the Year 2017 candidates
We received several nominations which were considered by our expert jury who were asked to vote for their 6 preferred candidates from the full list of candidates.

  • Hans-Christian Schwingen, Deutsche Telekom
    Hans-Christian Schwingen, Deutsche Telekom CMO
  • Glory Zhang, Huawei
    Glory Zhang, Huawei CMO
  • Jane Wakely, Mars
    Jane Wakely, Mars CMO, Pet Nutrition
  • Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard
    Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and President - Healthcare Business
  • Marc S. Pritchard, Procter & Gamble
    Marc S. Pritchard, Procter & Gamble Chief Brand Officer
  • Keith Weed, Unilever
    Keith Weed, Unilever Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Our Jury

Our jury represents a hugely experienced team of marketers and WFA partners. Chaired by WFA President and RBS CMO David Wheldon, it includes a wide range of sector and regional expertise, making it perfectly equipped to identify those who make the biggest impact on the global marketing business.

  • David Wheldon
    David Wheldon CMO, RBS
  • Stephan Loerke
    Stephan Loerke CEO, WFA
  • Spencer Lee
    Spencer Lee Commercial Director, AirAsia
  • Jillian Gibbs
    Jillian Gibbs Founder and Global CEO, APR
  • Claire Beale
    Claire Beale Global editor in chief, Campaign
  • Kwan Yim
    Kwan Yim SVP, Head of Global Agency Management, Citibank
  • Jori Bindels
    Jori Bindels VP Corporate Communications, Marketing & Brand, Emirates
  • Alfonso Argudin
    Alfonso Argudin Global CMO, Grupo Bimbo
  • Jon Wilkins
    Jon Wilkins Chairman, Karmarama
  • Rahul Asthana
    Rahul Asthana Senior Director, Marketing, Kimberly Clark ANZ
  • Nicole McMillan
    Nicole McMillan Vice President Marketing AMEA, Mars
  • Julie Chan
    Julie Chan Global Consumer Engagement Lead, Pfizer
  • Atul Agrawal
    Atul Agrawal SVP Corporate Brand and Marketing, TATA
  • Lucinda Peniston-Baines
    Lucinda Peniston-Baines Owner & Managing Partner, The Observatory


Whether it’s creating effective purpose-driven campaigns or demanding greater clarity in digital; whether it’s restructuring the way that internal and external teams work together or building a programme of media transformation that future proofs their business, great marketers can make a real difference.

Selecting the world’s best marketer is not a simple process because everyone will have their own opinion about what represents great. To make that easier, we’ve identified some clear criteria for “great” marketing as well as a clear process for making the selection.


This award is open to any client-side marketer in a senior global or regional position, who has worked for their company for a minimum of two years. Jury members should not be nominated.


We believe that the best global and regional marketers are demonstrating outstanding leadership in three key areas in 2017. All nominations should demonstrate outstanding leadership in two or more of these areas:

  1. Evolving their organisation to be more people-centric, better able to respond to consumer needs and building happier, more engaged teams internally.
  2. Working smarter with partners, be they agencies or vendors, and ensuring that the whole team is aligned to the same goals.
  3. Delivering inspiring work that genuinely makes a difference, be that cultural, social or for the business.

To know more about the judging process click here.

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February 2018

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