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Airbnb, Panasonic, Shiseido join WFA

New members in the last months include CIMB Bank, Etihad Airways, Kaspersky Lab, Reliance Industries, Singapore Airlines and Turkish Airlines.

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WFA has welcomed new members from India, Japan, South-East Asia and the Middle East, reflecting today’s increasingly multi-polar world and the growing share of global ad spend represented by challenger brands from emerging markets.

In the last months, new corporate sign-ups include Malaysia’s CIMB Bank, Etihad Airways, Kaspersky Lab, Panasonic, Reliance Industries, Shiseido, Singapore Airlines and Turkish Airlines.

The organisation now has 104 corporate members, up from 50 only a few years ago, bringing the total number of industry sectors represented in membership to 16, ranging from automotive and consumer goods to the hospitality industry and finance.

“The WFA is delighted to be helping even more marketers benefit from the chance to learn from their peers in 2018. With a membership base that’s expanding both in number and geographically, we are expanding the spread of our events as well as providing more opportunities to benefit from at-desk learning and insight through the benchmarks, webinars and remote forums we’ve also run,”said Stephan Loerke, CEO of the WFA.

He added: “Whether it’s data management or incentivising external partners, the opportunity to talk to contemporaries in other companies is an increasingly unmissable one. Today marketers, digital experts, public affairs specialists and procurement leaders can learn from fellow experts in any sector.”

Should you want to learn more about WFA membership, please contact Claire Mullen, Head of Membership, at

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