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Australian association strengthens guidance on body image

AANA updates Code of Ethics

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In November, the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) released a practice note to help advertisers understand how the AANA Code of Ethics applies to the portrayal of body image in advertising and to guide the ad standards body when making deliberations.

The AANA code prohibits advertising that “depicts material contrary to prevailing community standards on health and safety”. According to AANA, with more Australian advertisers increasingly using models and influencers on social media, the new guidance serves as reminder to ensure advertising is not associated with an unrealistic body image.

“We know from our Advertising Sentiment Index research that body image in advertising is a community concern and the AANA is committed to ensuring that advertising does not exacerbate the problem, by setting a standard that advertising must not promote an unrealistic body image,” said Simone Brandon, AANA’s Director of Policy & Regulatory Affairs.

The code does not prohibit advertisers from featuring a diversity of images, including people who have a variety of sizes and shapes, but advertisers should “take care to not present an unrealistic body image as a shape to conform or aspire to,” she added.

For more information, please contact Simone Brandon.

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