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British advertisers unveil new influencer contracts

ISBA takes a tougher stance on content labelling and fake followers

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Following the release of a research and toolkit on influencer marketing in July, ISBA have launched new contract terms for brands working with micro-influencers.

ISBA also released the second version of their contract terms for brands working with social talent or working through digital-first talent agencies, which won a WFA President’s Award at Global Marketer Week 2018. This version includes clauses on content labelling to ensure brands confer on this issue and influencers fully understand their responsibility to observe the codes of practice when labelling their social campaigns. The contract also takes a tougher stance on fake followers and includes clauses on the commitments influencers need to provide to ensure they are not engaging in fraudulent practices such as the use of bots to drive artificial traffic.

The contracts were created in consultation with ISBA members and address key issues around influencer marketing including fraud, fake followers and non-disclosure of commercial arrangements. They are available for industry-wide use by marketers and agencies, as well as influencers.

Debbie Morrison, ISBA’s Director of Consultancy, said ‘‘Influencer marketing is on the rise amongst almost every brand owner and ISBA wants to make sure that good standards of practice are set in this area. This starts with the commercial terms that are put in place between the brand and influencer”.

For more information or to request a copy of the contracts, please contact Debbie Morrison.

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