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Norway forms influencer marketing self-regulatory group

New committee will focus on addressing body image issues by enforcing guidelines for advertisers and influencers

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On September 23, the Norwegian Association of Advertisers (ANFO) together with the Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association (MBL) launched Fim – Fagutvalget for Influencermarkedsføring, the Professional Committee for Influencer Marketing. The newly formed cross-industry group will work on enforcing new guidelines for advertisers and influencers, with a focus on addressing body image issues and pressures among children and adolescents.

This is in response to the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family Affairs, with the support of the Consumer Authority, giving the Media Authority in June 2018 the task of developing ethical guidelines to combat negative body image brought about by social media. It was proposed that the advertising industry should take ownership of the guidelines.

The new guidelines will apply to under 24s. Taking inspiration from the self-regulation model of the Food and Drink Industry Professional Practices Committee (MFU) in Norway, Fim will make decisions on complaints and violations to the guidelines known to the public (“name and shame”).

Fim will do a trial processing of complaints from October 1st, 2019 until January 1st, 2020, where rulings will be made available to the involved parties and not made public during the run-in period. The secretariat will be led by ANFO.

The committee includes representatives from advertisers, influencers, government and the public, with an external independent lead. This includes:

  • Helen Engebrigtsen, Oslo judge (lead)
  • Annette Aas Johansen, Egmont
  • Thomas Veheim, Adlink
  • Susanne Kjellhov, Kontent
  • Kristine Gjelsvik, influencer
  • Christina Fraas, influencer
  • Anniken Englund Jørgensen, influencer
  • Sølvi Jensløkken, Orkla Health
  • Mille Henriksen, Midsona
  • Cecilie Nordstrøm, Oslo Skin Lab alternating with Julie Stensrud, Eger Skin Clinic
  • Mina Vinje, Press – Save the Children Youth (Press – Redd Barna Ungdom)
  • Susanne Kaluza, blogger & CEO of House of Literature

For more information, please contact ANFO.

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