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Students compete in marketing effectiveness awards in Spain

AEA launches university programme

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Dubbed the “University Effectiveness Programme”, the AEA initiative’s objective is to bring the marketing profession closer to universities and promote the value of effectiveness models in business and society. It aims to recognise, inspire and educate young marketing and communications talents and is part of the AEA’s annual Advertising Effectiveness Awards (Premios a la Eficacia).

Interested students on their third or fourth year or those taking a postgraduate course in marketing, advertising or related field are eligible to compete with teams from different universities. The students are grouped in teams of four to eight with an assigned supervisor and are tasked to propose an advertising campaign that addresses and resolves the challenges briefed by an advertiser.

Four universities and four advertisers including Desigual, GSK, Mantequerías Arias and Nueva Pescanova will participate in the first edition in 2019. The campaign completion is between December 2018 and early February 2019, and face-to-face presentations with the participating advertisers will take place in late February. A jury of nine renowned professionals from the advertiser and agency side, as well as some jury members from the Advertising Effectiveness Awards, will evaluate the campaigns. The winners will be announced in April 2019.

For more information, please visit the Premios a la Eficacia website or contact AEA.

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