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TV and online video costs to rise considerably, forecasts show

WFA Outlook 2019 provides media costs forecasts for 50 markets across seven offline and online media

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Media prices are likely to continue to inflate globally in 2019 for both offline and online media despite regional and local nuances, shows WFA Outlook 2019 – WFA’s annual examination of media cost forecasts.  The data is based on forecasts from 14 network agencies and auditors.

TV is set to continue on an inflationary trend of around +6% globally. Online video is also expected to inflate considerably, by +6.4%, driven primarily by APAC economies and more specifically by China, where a +13% inflation is expected.

As a likely symptom of demand, price inflation of offline media is projected to be much more modest in 2019, with the global weighted average at around +2%.

Outlook 2019 covers 50 marketers across seven media channels: TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Outdoor, Online Display, Online Video. The results are based on the examination of industry forecasts and

Like in previous years, all network agencies and media auditors were invited to submit cost forecasts for 2019 and actuals for 2018. Fourteen companies participated in total – five media agency holding companies and nine consultants.

In addition to 2019 forecasts, the Outlook highlights the inflation and deflation figures for 2018.

The full review is available in the WFA’s online library (member-only).

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