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Putting the Media Charter into action

The WFA Media Forum on 27 March will explore the actions that are needed to create a sustainable ad ecosystem

/ Introduction

Last year WFA launched the Global Media Charter. The Charter is the culmination of months of work with our members and sets out how we must reform the current digital media ecosystem.

Detailing eight key areas of focus, it codifies the needs and responsibilities of advertisers who fund this system as well as their demands for other players. Since the launch, the Charter has been widely circulated across the industry and has been made available in Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

But it was never expected to solve all the problems – it’s a starting point. At the Media Forum in Lisbon on 27 March, we plan to take this work one step further by identifying tangible solutions. While the solutions are not simple – there are rarely silver bullets that can change marketing overnight – we do believe that working together is likely to be the most successful path.

Ahead of our meeting in Lisbon, we have invited industry partners to submit ideas to us on how we might advance progress against five of the ‘Principles of partnership’:

  1. Eradicating ad fraud
  2. Ensuring strict brand safety protection
  3. Increasing media transparency throughout the supply chain
  4. Addressing ‘walled garden’ issues
  5. Improving the user experience

Plus one additional area: enhancing cross-industry partnerships and collaboration to drive growth.

In the session we will hear from ten of the best ‘pitches’ from across the industry as identified by the WFA Global Media Board. Participants will then have the opportunity to quiz, and ultimately back, the ideas they think have the best potential for becoming meaningful.

Speaking at the event are Gerry D’Angelo, Global Media Director, P&G, and Ben Jankowski, Senior Vice President Media, Mastercard, among others.

Those who want to share their ideas for a better digital ad ecosystem can still do so by email at not later than close of business on Monday 4 March.

This event for WFA members will be held under the Chatham House rules. More about WFA Global Marketer Week 2019 at