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Helping global marketing procurement specialists to improve the effectiveness of their function: with stakeholders, partners and the industry.

The rise of marketing procurement has been much talked about, with commentary centred on efficiencies and savings. Yet the focus of this network is increasingly on value: whether through value-based approaches to remuneration, capability assessments or scope of work alignment.

Marketing sourcing is still fairly young as a discipline but it is here to stay and networks such as this are helping it to mature. Boasting over 700 marketing sourcing contacts around the world, the Sourcing Forum has been referred to as a group of “enlightened marketing procurement specialists”. Member value is delivered through remote webinars, online tools and benchmarking services. The group also meets in person in New York, Singapore, Shanghai, London and Paris.

Helping marketing procurement


Improving marketing procurement’s positioning in relation to stakeholders and its image across the wider industry.


Focused on improving value in relation to agency selection, management, remuneration and performance.


Focusing beyond advertising and media to cover BTL categories

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